Automatic Transmission Break-in Procedures

Our transmissions are built to OEM specifications. When properly maintained and operated, they should provide many years of trouble-free service.

It is your responsibility to maintain your transmission in accordance with the original manufacturer’s specifications.

First 500 Miles of Service

Newly-installed, remanufactured transmissions do not require any type of break-in procedure.
However, ATK recommends checking the transmission fluid level every 100 miles for the first 500 miles of service. Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for instructions on checking fluid levels and adding additional transmission fluid.

If the fluid level is low, add the proper amount of the correct type of fluid and return to a licensed automotive repair facility for a check of all transmission lines and seals.

Scheduled Maintenance

You must follow the transmission maintenance scheduled as outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as specified may invalidate warranty coverage on your transmission.