Where can I find my serial number?

Product serial numbers can be found on “Remanufactured by Non OE” tags on our products. Each serial number begins with a letter (assigned to the remanufacturing facility) and has an additional five or six numbers following it. The tags may also include a part number, but the part number will be smaller and appear just above or below the serial number. These tags can be found as follows:

  • Automatic transmissions
    • Just above the oil pan rail or on the side of the bell housing.
  • Differentials/Axles
    • On the top of the axle case.
  • Cylinder heads
    • The front or side of the cylinder head.
    • Cylinder head serial numbers may have five digits following the initial letter.
  • Long block engines
    • The front of the cylinder heads and on the side of the block.
    • Ford long block engines, specifically, may have a square metal tag instead with the same information included. One tag will be affixed to the rear of the engine block.

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The serial number is included in the original paperwork sent with each remanufactured product and is included on the shipping container.